What Happens When You Drink Juice Every Day?

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There’s no denying that juice is tasty. But is this beloved beverage doing more harm to your health than good? A registered dietitian weighs in.

A 2022 review published in Nutrients found that consuming juice in moderation can improve cardiometabolic health and help prevent chronic disease. However, you may be surprised that drinking juice daily can lead to adverse health outcomes. “Consuming juice every day may spike blood sugar levels, increase total calories consumed in the day. Contribute to weight gain and increase risk of cavities.” cautions Garcia.

The health effects of daily drinking will vary depending on the ingredients and the type. As always, be a conscious consumer and check labels and ingredient lists. Before buying to avoid added sugars and excess calories. “When choosing a pre-packaged juice, choose the one with the least amount of ingredients for freshness.” says Garcia. “Some juices will have harmful preservatives, dyes and flavorings.” UFABET

Juice is a delicious and refreshing beverage whether you prefer it fresh-squeezed or straight out of the carton. But is a daily cup of juice good for you? Fruit juices are often considered less healthy than their whole-food counterparts due to higher sugar concentration. More calories and less fiber. Which can reduce the satiety of these beverages and, over time, could contribute to weight gain and obesity. However, other research suggests regular consumption may offer some health benefits and can be included in a nutritious diet. Confusing, right? Fortunately, we chatted with a nutrition expert who shared a rundown on the nutrition of various fruit juices to help determine. What happens to your body when you drink every day.