“Arteta” reiterated waiting to discuss a new contract with “Laga” at the end

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The focus is now on the previous league for Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta, who reiterated that talks over a new contract for Alexandre Lacazette will take place once the season is over

. Sett later became the captain of the team. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been sacked and has left the team. But his contract is due to expire in the summer , the

30-year-old has spoken freely with clubs abroad since last month, but Arteta admits there is still a chance a contract extension could happen. However , talks will take place at the end of the season instead

, Arteta said of Lacazette’s contract: “There is an opportunity [to renew] but we will have to make a decision about the players. Kicking 3-4 people in the summer.”

“I think starting the conversation right now is not the right way. We have to talk to all the players, what to expect, they are free because the contract allows them to make decisions in any way, and our position at that time

is what we will do. At the end of the season we will sit down and decide what is best for all sides.” the Ufabet report

The French forward has scored five goals in 24 games for the Gunners this season. He, along with Eddie Nketiah and Mohamed Elneny, whose contracts expire in the summer

, are now fully focused on returning to the Champions League. They are four points behind fourth-placed Manchester United and have three games remaining before playing against Wolves tonight (Thurs).