Bayern Munich changed the plan to focus on molding and selling.

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News reports from ufabet, the famous Beer City, revealed that “Southern Tigers” Bayern Munich plans to change the way of the new team by focusing on raising the youngsters of the future and selling them for a profit. Because the club is currently unable to compete with the big teams to pay huge wages for the players anymore.

Brother Suea is a giant club of the Bundesliga. They have won their last nine Bundesliga titles and are crowned European champions in 2020. However, the recent coronavirus pandemic has left the club in financial trouble.

Kicker reports that Bayern Munich will focus on entering the market to compete with top European teams to buy top players to join the team. But will turn to recruiting talented youngsters aged 20-22 to create profits and sell instead.

Kicker revealed that Bayern felt that they had to change their plans for the team. After missing the target Denis Zakaria for Juventus Because the players can’t fight the wages

In a new team plan, Bayern will focus on contracting young players. Enter the terms of the huge contract price Then use it for 2-3 years and then sell it to make a profit.

The proportion of the team will be a first-team player plus a youngster who has outstanding potential enough to develop 3-4 more players,

and the Tigers are now planning to collaborate with clubs from other top divisions in Europe. to send players out to experience Instead of having these youngsters play only in the tier 4 B team.