How to play 13 cards

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Rules 13 cards

13 cards or three piles or Chinese poker It is a game where at least 2 – 4 players use 1 deck (52 cards) to deal cards. Players are dealt each, then arrange the cards in 3 rows. By giving the 1st row of cards. has the largest card order followed by rows 2 and 3, respectively,
When the cards are arranged will bring the card results. To compare with other players to find the winner in the game.

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1. Three piles. There must be 2 or more players. So the game will begin. 
2. After that. Each person will receive a total
3. Arrange the 13 cards received within 1 minute to the 1st row of card. It is the card with the largest order. 
4. If the cards are arranged correctly. There will be an O symbol in front of the row of cards. but if the order is wrong There will be a warning message to rearrange (if the order is wrong, you will lose 2 times the gold)
5. Then the card results. By starting to compare the results from rows 1, 2 and 3 respectively
6. If any player Get any set. Of Divine Dragon cards will win. This game immediately without having to compare the card results with other players
7. Winning all 3 rows of other players will count as an All Kill, earning X2 gold.
8. In 13 card games, players can auto-arrange their .The system will arrange the cards for the players in time.