“Lacazette” is secretly unsatisfied, does not get credit for winning

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Alexandre Lacazette admits he is a little saddened for not getting credit for scoring. But seeing the team’s victory is more important

, the 30-year-old became a key figure of the team again after scoring a deflected goal for the team to overtake Wolves 2-1 in the final minute. While the referee has a contract left at the Emirates Stadium for the last year only,

“I’m very happy, it’s really amazing. who won the last minute of a game like this We really needed this win because we knew it was important to be at the top of the table,” Lacazette told ufabet after

the game.

He said: “I knew it was the end of the game. Nico gave me a good ball and so I gave me some energy left and luckily it worked.”

“I’m a bit sad because it’s not for me but we keep going and I’m sure I’ll score.

“Of course I want to score goals, but more importantly, I have to win and help my teammates play better.

“We had a tough January and I think we’ll come back better in February and we want to continue that until the end of the season.”

Come to me, the ball eventually went into the goal and we were happy with the three points

. I want to score goals. But the most important thing is the victory of the team.”

“We have January. It was difficult but now we are back to do better in February.”