Owen said that ‘Elanga’ is good but not the best. ‘Giggs-Rooney’

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Former Manchester United and Liverpool striker Michael Owen admits Anthony Elanga is a “good boy”. But nothing special enough to grow into a world-class footballer like seniors like Wayne Rooney or Ryan Giggs,

however, Rio Ferdinand defends the juniors as being brave and shouldn’t be taken. Compare it to United’s great players.

The 19-year-old winger came in as a hero to score a 1-1 draw as the Red Devils survived a trip to Atletico Madrid in the Champions League round of 16 first leg on Wednesday.

Swedish morning star Born in the first team after Ralph Rangnick gave him the opportunity to enter the field regularly. He has now scored three goals in 14 games

. “He made the difference when he came on the pitch,” Owen told ufabet Sport after United’s equalizer.

“If I had seen him play for another team, I would have said that this kid had something. He’s going to be a very good player,” Owen said.

“But when I see him playing for Manchester United, they need a very special player. They have to have world-class

players.” Champions League or not? Can they be like Ryan Giggs or Wayne Rooney?”

“He’s a very good player. But if I’m being honest If you ask me what I think of him I think he will have a great career path, but will he be as good as Ryan Giggs or Wayne Rooney ? But that’s what United is. That’s what they want. They want to get back to that point.”

“If you don’t have the most talented players You never go in the right direction. We just talked about Marcus Rashford, he’s an amazing player. He had to try to raise himself up. Because now they play like they’re not wanting to win the title, “

However, Rio Ferdinand disagrees with Owen. When insisting that Elanga has brought courage Come to the team that is lacking this.

“What Elanga brings to the team is energy, thirst and courage. “There is not enough at United at times,” Rio said.

“I think the expectations young players are like Rooney or Giggs. It seems a bit fanciful.”

“I don’t think United are like that right now. They need good characters, good people, honest people and hardworking players who can help the team.”