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PG SLOT Double Fortune Wedding Couple Slot Gamewhich is a unique wedding theme game in red color. There are many symbols in the decoration such as the red envelope symbol. red glass shoe symbol There is also a maximum prize money of x100000 ever. 

PG SLOT Slot game. This game has 30 winning line bets. It is considered an easy and rewarding game. Easy jackpot, one game 

Double Fortune is a slot game.In auspicious style or known as a double luck slot game by famous poets of the Song dynasty who asked to hope for Ansu to marry Marriage for both golden branches So he wrote the word “Shuangxi” 囍 which means “double happiness” because according to Chinese culture, This symbol is like a smile full of happiness, then when someone gets married, a red 囍 will be added to the event. to wish the newlyweds good luck and be happy forever not only this There is also a gift or money used in the wedding, it must be a couple. which means being a married couple stay together until old age And let the couple have a good relationship, wealthy, wealthy Money flows all year round the nation. In addition, the Double Fortune slot game uses a unique red color. have various symbols Divided into single symbols and double symbols, such as a glittering gemstone ring. red red envelope Red glass slippers, auspicious snacks and English letters AKQJ ทางเข้า ufabet

Double Fortune Double Happiness slot game is a slot game from PG SLOT . It is a 5 reel 3 row slot game with 30 winning lines including double symbols and Free Spin mode with 8 Free Spin rounds. New style Double Slot game. Fortune is a game that has a jackpot that is easy to break.