‘Sherwood’ Ding Conte, this interview doesn’t look good

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Former Spurs manager Tim Sherwood thinks Antonio Conte should keep his temper better. After an interview he spoke out of the 1-0 defeat to Burnley,

Ben Mee’s 71st-minute goal gave Burnley open house slash win “Golden Spikes” 1-0 was the fourth defeat of Conte’s last five games. After the

game, the Italian gave a mocking interview, saying he may not be skilled enough to change his situation. Tottenham Hotspur and ready to talk to the board about the future

“It doesn’t look good. It doesn’t look good,” Sherwood said.

“He almost quit. It sounds like that. He clearly wanted to talk to Daniel Levy and the board.

“The performance is not good enough, lost 4 out of 5 games and the winning match is won by a team that no other team can beat. It was an amazing work. But it’s about consistency.

“We might laugh about it. But can you play on a cold Wednesday night at Burnley and win? Roll up your sleeves and let’s go. The top teams do that. Tottenham did not look close to winning. Burnley looked more likely to win.

“His interviews sounded like a warning sign. I think his collective emotions are very strong. When he won, he looked super lively, as we saw last weekend. But he suffered defeat very hard.

“I’ve been past that point. I know how it is It doesn’t matter what level you work at. The victory was unbelievable. As for defeat, it seems that the world is about to end. But his interview doesn’t look good.”