What is dragon card layout and how to win for beginners

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Dragon baccarat, dragon card layout means

Dragon card layout is a form of card layout that is issued by one side only. The players often call the rhythm of the card design like this. The master card layout itself, along with the dragon card layout technique. This is mostly played because The resulting rate, if you can catch the rhythm, you will be able to take profits from that website. In the long run, for example, if you see a card in such a way that either side wins 4-5 times longer, you can guess that the dragon baccarat or the dragon card is definitely coming. win, etc.

If you ask how to play using Dragon card formula, chances of winning online gambling websites, how many chances is it up to 100 percent? Online gambling, whether online slots, online baccarat Other online casinos do not have a formula that can make 100 percent profit, but the formula that Laxian recommends. It is a formula that has been widely used. Master level was also used, so there were better references. The formula has no references. or your own formula The layout is a formula. If you can’t see the card layout The formula you have cannot be used with the deck or the formula you have. ทางเข้า UFABET

How to play when encountering a dragon card

1. Choose the winning side bar

As mentioned in the topic What is dragon card layout? If you can find out which side tends to be more frequent Or there is a chance that it is a dragon card layout. You choose to land immediately, but there will be a little down technique for dragon cards by that technique. You can see the win rate of the winning side. If the winning side wins more than 4 games, you select the bar for that side. But before sticking to that party You will have to wait for that party. Change the winning direction 1 time and then you start the winning bar before it. Go 3-4 turns. If it’s late, 5 eyes. Depending on your guts. After that you have stopped the bar. Wait for the same pace, new etc. Keep doing this until you get the profit you want.

2. Stab with the same amount of money

In the case of Trakun gaining profits from betting on dragon baccarat cards Let you bet money at the same rate in the event that you do not lose due to the same bar and so on is to reduce losses which if you continue to roll up the bars The chances of you losing are very high for beginners.

But in the event that you have a thick capital or profit or loss or loss in that eye, you play the compounding formula. In order to get back the cost and profit by compounding, it is recommended that you compound the initial amount you lost x3. If you start investing at 50 and lose the second turn, you start investing at 150, etc.

3. Stop after cutting cards.

If you follow the card until it cuts, the cut here is “redirection of winning, e.g. dealer wins, player wins, etc.”, take a break from reading the cards in the game first. Because most of the games will change the rate of all new cards. Wait for the rhythm as taught above in step 1 if you come across a side that starts playing the dragon. Let you start doing the same rhythm like the ones mentioned above.

But if you want to play it safe to change the room or find a new room added to start the game and then wait and see the rhythm of money movement statistics to make profits in the next turn, etc.

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