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Are protein supplements necessary?

Another type of protein supplements that is becoming increasingly popular today is protein powders, protein bars. Which are supplements made from different types of protein. Such as whey protein, casein protein or soy protein. These are all complete proteins. Some non-animal eaters prefer soy protein over others

What Is Edamame?

Edamame are young soybeans that are harvested early or before they ripen. They have become popular in the United States and other parts of the world. Edamame are naturally cholesterol-free, gluten-free and low in calories. They are very mild in taste and can be prepared

What Happens When You Drink Juice Every Day?

There’s no denying that juice is tasty. But is this beloved beverage doing more harm to your health than good? A registered dietitian weighs in. A 2022 review published in Nutrients found that consuming juice in moderation can improve cardiometabolic health and help prevent chronic disease. However, you may

Are Sweet Potatoes Healthy?

Sweet potatoes are healthy and how to cook with them. Spoiler alert: They are definitely healthy and there are seemingly endless ways to enjoy them. From sweet potato nutrition to the best recipes. Here’s everything you need to know about your favorite root veggie. With